What’s In My Bag? — Teacher/Mom/Student Edition

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When I was younger, my family called me the bag lady because, no matter where I went, I always had a bag full of books, coloring books, notepads, games, dolls, and whatever else I felt like I would need. One time, I put a kitten in a backpack to take to the beach because I wanted to show my cousin the kitten. I was 7. I was discovered trying to smuggle the kitten and ultimately the kitten wasn’t harmed so it’s all good.

But from a very young age I liked to be prepared for whatever life was going to throw at me. And because I watched Mary Poppins with her magical bag and Barney with his magical bag, I think I truly believed that all you needed to be prepared was a bag full of necessities. I guess I’ve never grown out of it cause I still carry just about everything I own in my bag now.

As a teacher and mom and student carrying around my whole life is pretty much a necessity. I won’t bore you with all the fine details, though. Here’s all the goodies I carry in my bag.

1. Crest Design Nylon Bag
I bought this bag off of Amazon a few months ago because I was so sick of carrying my huge backpack to and from school. I hated how things would somehow get lost in my backpack and I wanted something that would keep everything in place. This bag has everything I was looking for. Both the inside and outside have pockets for anything you could ever think of. It has a pocket for my laptop, pockets for all the little things, and is spacious enough to hold all the other things that I need. I have it in the charcoal blue but it comes in a variety of colors.

2. Mint Blue Tribal Clutch Wallet
I love how thin this wallet is. Plus, there’s a spot for my phone. Whenever I go to the store, I can just pull my wallet out of my bag, stuff my phone into the little pocket and be on my merry way.

3. Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Dotted Notebook 
This year I decided to try my hand at bullet journaling and what good is bullet journaling without the go-to bullet journal brand? I love my purple Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover bullet journal. I always, always keep it on me…even when I forget that I’m supposed to be bullet journaling.

4. Fidget Cube
My fidget cube has down wonders for me when it comes to calming my mind and dealing with my anxiety. I sometimes get overwhelmed and anxious for no good reason at all…having my fidget cube close at hand helps me to focus on something and allows me to regroup quickly.

5. Two Greenroom Notebooks
Greenroom notebooks from Target are my absolute favorite brand of notebooks. I own so, so many Greenroom notebooks but I keep at least one on me at all times. They are green-friendly and come in college-ruled options which is a must for me. The teal and gold notebook is a softcover notebook which I use for writing down ideas and outlines for blog posts. The rose gold and burlap notebook is a hardcover which I’ve been using as a journal and to participate in the Rock Your Handwriting challenge on instagram.

6. Mead Four Star Folders
Yet another Target purchase because .99c folders are a weakness (apparently). I use this folders for my school work, one for each class that I’m currently taking. Inside I have the syllabus for each class, a copy of when everything is due, and folder paper for notetaking.

7. Four Star Stand Up Pencil Pouch
I mean….you can never have enough pens, right? And I needed a place to store them all so there ya go.

8. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy lotion
One of my co-workers gifted me with the Aromatherapy line of hand soaps from Bath and Body Works and I instantly fell in love. Now I keep at least one fragrance of the lotion in my bag at all times. Right now, I’ve got Focus, a mix of Eucalyptus oil and tea extract, to help me stay focused.

9. Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer
Ok, I have to be honest…little kids are germy little buggers. With flu season being as intense as it is, I’m not trying to get sick so I rub my hands (I mean, I wish I could do my whole body) with hand sanitizer at least 50 times a day.

10. UNNI Softcover Notebook
By now you’re probably seeing a trend. I own a lot of notebooks. Honestly, you should see the rest of my house, haha. This notebook is tiny and fits in the front pocket of my bag. I use it to write anything and everything such as poems, short stories, blurbs…whatever I see fit.

11. Perfectly Posh Perk Skin Stick
I discovered this amazing skin stick through a friend of mine. It is loaded with peppermint essential oils and other all natural ingredients that promotes healthy skin and body. I use it on my temples and on the back of my neck whenever a tension headache grips me.

12. Odds and Ends
I also have a variety of other things in my bag that aren’t pictured here. I carry Post-it notes around because…well, who knows when I’ll need a post it note? I also have some of my daughter’s clean underwear because potty training requires it. Plus some of her bows, my chapstick, keys, and random paper clips. I pretty much always carry my laptop (a Macbook Air) and my Nook tablet with me as well.

And that’s everything I carry in my bag! Yes, it’s probably heavier than me. Yes, my shoulders hurt almost daily. Yes, all this stuff is totally necessary and essential for my survival in the world. What are your must haves in your bag?

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